Saturday 15 January 2022

Same stuff, but different views

The light breeze started from NNE and was quite cool, it later moved round to the south. Mainly high cloud with occasional sun.

South shore
The only records so far today are from my morning and Kevin Eaves afternoon walk along the sea wall.
Shag 1 juvenile (at least) in the harbour both morning and afternoon. This is a nice shot from Kevin as it flexed its wings.
Juvenile Shag in the harbour this afternoon 
Mediterranean gull 1 second winter on outfalls in the afternoon.
Pale-bellied Brent Geese 49 - they were on Red Nab at 09:40. The water had barely reached the rocks and the Brent had to compete with the Wigeon for the tightly cropped gut weed on the rock surface. 
But they didn't just come here to eat. At the end of the above clip you can see the freshwater stream that runs though Red Nab. Many of the Brent were taking advantage of this to drink and bathe. One thing all birds seem to have in common is that they all look like they really enjoy taking a bath, I think it is the gusto that they throw into it.........some more so than others!

Two to four birds at a time were having a bath and when they finished others moved in, presumably this had been going on before I'd arrived, and continued as I moved on, so most, if not all, of the birds would have had a drink and a bath, plus a nibble of gut weed. My return from the harbour at 10:40 coincided with them moving to the north side. Nothing spooked them and the water level was similar to when I'd arrived, although it was now ebbing. Presumably they were off to the children's play area, where the gut weed is much longer, but the disturbance is much greater!

49 Pale-bellied Brent geese flying to the north side. Watched on by two
Black-Headed gulls braving No.2 outflow superstructure in the calm weather
Wigeon c150
Shelduck 72
Lapwing 120
Rock Pipit 2

Kingfisher - not seen today, but Jean has been reviewing last year's records and identified a male bird photograph posted 22/12/21, this with the female bird picture posted 5/01/22 means there have been at least two birds visiting Red Nab over this winter.

Roe Deer 1 buck - I stopped on imperial way in passing this afternoon. What I took to be the larger of the two bucks photographed 4/01/22 was feeding in the high reeds, unfortunately it dropped out of sight before I could get my camera.