Saturday 22 August 2020

Excellent selection - but hard come by!

The strong winds continued from the south, largely overcast with, some heavy, showers.

Wooden Jetty area (MD)
11:00 tide starting to cover the beach next to jetty.
Mediterranean Gulls 18 feeding including 2 juveniles.  In addition there were 46 med gulls visible from the vantage point on Ocean Edge grass, mostly on red nab - many of these drifted south very early in tide cycle as I was mix and matching a Zoom meeting with telescope checks (PM)
The only darvic ringed bird,
was the long staying green ringed German bird
Wheatear 2

South shore - high water Webs check (PM)
Mediterranean gulls - 7 feeding on outflows
Little Gull - 1 second calendar year
Sandwich  Tern 1 adult
Common Tern 1 adult
Turnstone - 65 heliport seawall amongst 400 Redshank
Common Tern with juvenile Med and BHG above.
The Med has a yellow Darvic ring

The following excellent trio were seen flying into the recording area from the Stone jetty during an epic session by Nick Godden (thanks):
Great Skua (Bonxie) 
Grey Phalarope