Tuesday 13 February 2024

Plenty going on

An overcast day, but it managed to remain dry. A light south wind drifted to the east.

South Shore 
Pale-bellied Brent goose 2 on Red Nab - Pete(M)
I had a walk along the sea wall a bit earlier (Malcolm)
Wigeon 300
Shelduck 4
Shag 1 sub adult on the wooden jetty. It had arrived quite early in the rising tide, and was stood on the planking having a preen as the Stena Line was heading out. Note how few Cormorants are on the jetty at this point. 

But the tide was rising quickly and the Cormorants were arriving all the time from both directions, these came from the north.

This is the wooden jetty just 10 minutes later

Rock Pipit just 1 near the lighthouse today

Nature Park.
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 female
Female Great Spotted Woodpecker 

The finches weren't overly happy about it. Here Greenfinch and Goldfinch perch, unusually quietly, close to the woodpecker.

Long-Tailed Tits 6 still finding plenty of leftovers near the white barrier
The bird with the bad leg (foreground) was still limping. but managing
to balance itself without using its wings or tail for support today.

Middleton Nature Reserve (JP)
Some of the 15 Magpies in close association 

This fine shot is actually from yesterday when the sun was shining 


The Coot have not stopped battling since last spring!

North shore (HS)
Howard has taken full advantage of these particularly high spring tides and has read many colour ringed  Knot on the Heliport and Near Naze over the last few days. This is a particularly incredible shot.

Just out of the recording area, Glossy Ibis in horse paddock behind Middleton Parish Hall till mid morning at least