Tuesday 21 June 2016

Hearts and darts

Heysham Obs
Moths first, outfalls check later

The moth trap held a few nice odds and ends but was dominated by "count fodder" notably 71 Heart and Dart.   Heart and Club has colonised this last two years after just odd ones previously and there were 10 this morning and other odds and ends new for year/local specialities included Sallow Kitten, 6 Double Dart, Buff Arches, Rivulet, 2 Eyed Hawk-moth, Small Fan-foot and a relatively unusual (!) midsummer Light-brown Apple Moth

Outfalls and area
Med Gull - 3 x 2CY
Grey Seal - one harbour mouth
Curlew - 110 Red Nab
Eider - 4 females out (thanks for pic Janet)