Thursday 14 May 2020

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There are plenty of birds around, just nothing new today.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
The regular nine warblers all present, including 3 Cetti's and 1 Grasshopper warbler.
Stock dove 2
Little grebe, heard on both main and "no swimming" ponds,  but none seen.
Gadwall, just 1 male.
Mute swans - there were 17 "interlopers" on the main pond plus the resident 2. Unfortunately not on nest, hopefully only temporary. There is another pair on "no swimming" pond, but the reed growth makes it impossible to see if the fence pond pair are still nesting.
The new birds consist of both adult plus 2nd calendar year birds. 

Rock Pipits
The pair below high cliffs are still very active and territorial. Only one sighting of bird near lighthouse, hopefully nesting is still underway.