Saturday 7 November 2020

Where did all the ducks go?

An early morning light ground frost was followed by a largely sunny day. Gentle easterlies continued.

Report from Jean:

There was a Red-throated Diver in the channel off Heysham Head floating in on the incoming tide. This species has been conspicuous by its absence of late despite lots of channel checking.

Middleton NR 

Vis 0800-1100  

Weather: Clear, sunny, NE F2

Pink-footed Goose - 158 in three flocks (40+58 N, 60 S)

Snipe - 6 E

Jackdaw - 60 S (largest flock 19)

Woodpigeon - 2 E

Chaffinch - 9 E

Siskin - 1+ E

Lesser Redpoll - 1 SE

Song Thrush - 1 NE

Meadow Pipit - 1 E

Skylark - 4 SW

Goldfinch - 2 E

Starling - 4 E

Reed Bunting - 1 grounded


Not much caught after a clear, moonlit night, just a few migrants and some old friends:

Chaffinch - 2 new, 1 retrapped from August

Robin - 1 new and promptly chased off by the resident Robin when released

Blue Tit - 1 new, 1 retrap from September

Goldcrest - 1 retrap

Wren - 1 not caught since 2018

Other stuff:
Middleton Nature Reserve 
After all the ducks on the "no swimming" pond over the last couple weeks, a quick check this morning found the only occupants of the pond to be:
Mute Swan 1 adult
Gadwall 2
Coot 4
Moorhen 4
Little Grebe 2 - by way of experiment I'm adding a short video. I've no idea if the link will work or what the resulting quality will be, but if it's any good, it is something I may do again (I've had a look at the published post now, I would recommend viewing on "full screen")

South Shore
Neither the Shag or Sandwich Tern was seen/reported.

This cormorant seemed to be enjoying the pleasant conditions and had several "washes"
It was a good drying day!

The east breeze and warm sun resulted in a lot of small insects being attracted to the sea wall, this in turn attracted:
Rock Pipits 3
Pied Wagtail 8
Grey Wagtail 1

Meanwhile, this Turnstone satisfied itself with tiny molluscs

This Black-headed Gull is a Polish ringed bird, that has spent the last three winters with us. This is the first record this winter.

Ringed as nestling 13/06/17 Stawy, Kiszkowo, Wielkopolskie, Poland
15/09/17 - 23/02/18 Heysham Harbour
03/10/18 - 31/01/19 Heysham Harbour
16/10/19 - 04/01/20 Heysham Harbour

As well as flies along the sea wall, three moths were seen. All could have been Silver Y. This one definitely was.
Well camouflaged, it took Kevin's keen eye to spot it