Thursday 5 May 2016

Bits and bobs

Heysham Obs
The only concerted evidence of migration this morning was a typically 'two-way' small wader passage during the hour's seawatch.  A probable Reeve flew 'in' as per languid flight and what I could see of it but views not good enough for this 'rarity' as not picked up early enough in the flight sequence

The hibernating butterflies have had a rough time this spring and are looking rather tatty as they have some decent weather at last.  Thanks Janet - taken today:

Sea 0705-0805 early stages incoming tide
Arctic Tern - flock of 13 in
Sandwich Tern - 2 out
Common Scoter - c25 u-turning in distance
Dunlin - 400 out, 200 in (possibly small numbers of eg RP with them)
Sanderling - 5 in (flock)
Ringed Plover - c60 in (2 flocks)
small distant waders - c300 both ways
Swallow - 1 in!
Black-headed Gull - flock of 28 2CY out
Eider - about 25 out in dribs and drabs
Whimbrel - 2 in

Middleton NR
8 Sedge Warbler and two new Grasshopper Warbler ringed but little evidence of any migration eg no hirundines
Garden Warbler - one ringed Middleton NR (IOY)

Grey Seal bull off north wall

Some excellent creepy crawly pics from Janet yesterday on Heysham Nature reserve