Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Plenty of food, for now

The wind shifted round to SWS. It was noticeably warmer, particularly when the sun was out. A few afternoon showers.

South shore
Rock Pipit 2. One being territorial on the rocky outcrop on the east side of the saltmarsh. And this one, standing above the last two year's nest site near the lighthouse.
Rock pipit above harbour nest site - picture by Janet
Reed Bunting 1 on saltmarsh 
Common Snipe 26
Jack Snipe 1
Both the above flushed from saltmarsh by the rising tide, but long before it was covered.
Grey Plover 2
Ringed Plover 26
Some of the Ringed Plover being moved on by the tide

These Redshank are feeding in the saltmarsh creek. It isn't obvious what they are feeding on, but it seems to be on the mud surface and floating in the water. I suspect it is a mixture of small invertebrates killed when the mud froze and are now being released by the rising water (the water rises under the mud as well as above it)

These Shelduck also seemed to be taking advantage of this temporary source of food. This is the same creek a little further along.

Pink-Footed goose 38 NE 12:10
Greylag goose 21 flew low from Middleton Nature Reserve then headed towards the Lune estuary 
Greylag geese - not overly common here

Janet took this nice shot of a Cormorant in breeding plumage

Middleton Nature Reserve 
All the ice has now gone.
Mute swan, some additional adults arrived towards the end of the freeze, there were still 6 extra birds today.
2 adult plus 1 juvenile on "no swimming" pond. 6 adult plus 2 juvenile on main pond.
Mallard 6
Gadwall 6
Tufted 1 male
No sign of the Little grebe