Tuesday 12 May 2020

Bit of a mixed bag

Several observers in the recording area today, no one had a lot, but everyone saw something of interest.

Skeer at low water (10:10)
Great-crested grebe 6
The only waders, apart from Oystercatchers, were a single Curlew and a Turnstone.
The Turnstone, in summer plumage and demonstrating just how effective it is as camouflage in this terrain.

Middleton Nature Reserve
An influx of 10 Mute Swan meant that the total on the main pond was 13.

Heysham Nature Reserve 
Spotted Flycatcher 1

Red Nab area high water (15:45)
Flock of 52 birds originally on Red Nab then moved to mud out from the saltmarsh, before heading off towards Pott's Corner.
Plus 2 on saltmarsh
3 on Red Nab were joined by 2 from the saltmarh before flying off high, and noisy, to NW
Rock pipit 1

Sea watching - various times
Arctic Skua 1 dark morph off Heyshsm Head blogging, early afternoon.
Common Scoter 20 in
Mediterranean gull 1 2nd calendar year in

And finally this Little Egret doing a fine impression of Bobby Charlton! (MD)