Thursday, 21 January 2016

Brambling and Brent surprises

Heysham Obs

Red nab area
Two Brent geese, then took flight heading for lune estuary (thanks Malcolm). Race uncertain

HNR office area
Big influx of finches with c40 on the seed including a female Brambling.  Too windy for any ringing.

South Harbour
Med Gull - ad behind ferry
No sign of any Guillemot
Great-crested Grebe - one harbour mouth

Wednesday 20th
Four unringed Greenfinch caught but hardly any finches around in the cold still weather yet again - odd (see tomorrow!)

Watch this space on a Firecrest ringed last September being found in a car grille at Elgin on 7/1/16!!!
Presumably this was the Firecrest ringed last September, but where did it meet its end? - investigations under way. Update: identity correct, initial location either Elgin or further north!