Tuesday 19 November 2013

Knot the lady in red

Heysham Obs
Sadly certain dog walkers seem to have a daily routine which they find impossible to change. The last two days have seen a decent gang of knot trying to roost on the heliport. A precursor for a return of the good old days? Enter the lady in red with a ginger and white collie type. Why do you have to walk the heliport seawall at or near high tide? The knot cleared off.  An early morning visit to the north harbour wall saw a couple of birders already there who said that 'about 35 finches had flown off and there was nothing on the seed'.   My fault - forgot to feed last thing yesterday as arranged.  Plenty of food was put down allowing for pigeons and finches to feed at the same time and the results were 3 feral pigeons, one Robin, 4 Linnet, 4 Goldfinch and 4 Twite down together within 30 minutes but no sign of the big flock on a walk round.  One of the Twite was singing and was the only ringed bird - ringed last winter period.  Presumably the big flock is part of the 60+ gang on Ocean Edge saltmarsh - predominantly Linnet

Mound etc
Song Thrush - 1 - the 'usual wintering bird'? also seen yesterday
Rock Pipit - one

20 minutes produced a single Guillemot and single Red-throated Diver floating in
Ad Med Gull behind departing ferry

Ocean edge
Linnet - 61
Reed bunting - 1