Tuesday 2 August 2011

Different fare at Red Nab

Heysham Obs
2.5hrs were spent doing the moth trap this morning with nothing mindblowing, although a tiny black and white micro Mompha subbistrigella is the 3rd record or the 3rd to be noticed here!  Thanks John.

Peacock have been like rocking horse dung so far this autumn in this area.  Good example of a juvenile Starling moulting its breast feathers into first winter plumage.  Thanks Janet

Red Nab area
Med. Gull - 4 juveniles (one appeared to be metal-ringed above the knee), the usual 3CY and just the two (unringed) adults - an amazing reduction on yesterday, given BHG numbers were similar
Little Gull - adult moulting out of summer plumage
Whimbrel - one

Moth trap
Highlights were: Dog's Tooth (2), Double Lobed, Gold Spangle, Narrow-winged Pug, Barred Rivulet (5), Slender Pug, Golden-rod Pug (2), Dingy Footman (2), a late Gothic, Flame Carpet (rare here!), Eudonia pallida and a good count (for here) of 6 Least Yellow Underwing and 5 Mother of Pearl.  Equal first were Dotted Clay and Straw Underwing with 30 apiece.  67 species.