Sunday 7 August 2022

Sad news.

We have been notified by her family that Doreen Carman passed away 18th July. She was in the process of moving to Reading when she took ill, so the funeral will be at Reading, 18th August.

Very sad news.  Doreen carried out butterfly censuses at Heysham NR for many years and provided many bird records .

She was a lovely, gentle person with such a keen interest in birds and butterflies.

It doesn't seem right to complete today's post, but Doreen was a regular post reader and she would not want it interrupted.

The west wind continues largely overcast with sunny spells.
Just my stuff from the south shore (MD)
Little Egret 4
Linnet just 2 each on saltmarsh and near lighthouse 
Rock Pipit 3
Mediterranean gull 4 adult 1 juvenile 
Cormorant juveniles are arriving 
Juvenile Cormorant, still expecting to be fed

Adult Cormorant on one of the harbour platforms 

It wasn't particularly warm, but there were still a few butterflies in the Nature Park
Peacock 1
Common Blue 2
Speckled Wood 4
Meadow Brown 2
Gatekeeper 2 both very worn.
Worn Gatekeeper 

There was a juvenile Sparrowhawk on the guy ropes of the large anemometer. 
Juvenile Sparrowhawk 

It was being shouted at by a Magpie and Goldfinches. At the end of this clip you can see two Goldfinch on the guy rope above it.