Friday 28 April 2023

Another decent seawatch - and at a more civilised time!

A light north breeze in the morning. It freshened and moved to the west in the afternoon. Overcast till the sun broke through for a while in the early evening.

Seawatch report from Pete:
Quite a decent sample from hey north wall 0800-0900: 
Arctic Skua 1dark morph
Arctic tern 60 in dribs and drabs (largest flock just 14)
Common tern 1
Sandwich tern 76
Razorbill 1
Guillemot 3
Red-Throated Diver 3
Gannet 3
Whimbrel 10
Common scoter 22
two lots of two Harbour porpoise (one pair mid range, one close)

Heysham Head mid morning (MD)
Sandwich Terns still moving through - another 12 seen.
Eider 3 on the sea
Shelduck 2 east
Bar-Tailed Godwit 9
Whimbrel 1
Carrion Crow 11 NE
Swallow 3 north
Rock Pipit 5 at least. I checked the shore all along the Head. There appeared to be 4 birds holding territory plus at least one other that was constantly being moved on.
This Rock Pipit flew off with this sea slater

Wheatear 1 - it was too large for a Rock Pipit to see off, but it wasn't welcomed on this ones patch.
Linnet 10
Greenfinch 3

South shore - early evening (MD)
Wheatear 6 near the saltmarsh 
Wheatears with the sun behind them
Rock Pipit 2 (Red Nab and Lighthouse)
Linnet 8
Greenfinch 2
Shelduck 20 resting 
Common Scoter 9 out
Curlew 4
Whimbrel 2
Black-Tailed Godwit 3 in summer plumage
Black-Tailed Godwit
They had been feeding on the mud out from the foreshore, but then found a pool of freshwater from the runoff at Red Nab. They had a drink and a wash......

.......before heading off to the SE towards the Lune estuary