Wednesday 21 February 2018

Distant Velvet tracking and Cetti's at last

Chough - first two fields north of café, but a bit mobile
Iceland Gull - 3rd W SW corner of harbour am at least
Goldeneye - drake again seen inshore from Knowlys Road
Velvet Scoter - in the recording area with the most southerly Eider gang off the north wall before the tidal flow, then in a 'fast lane' twice as far out as yesterday, overtaking some more inshore birds off the Stone Jetty, then surprisingly ended up not floating into the middle of the Bay, but heading towards Teal Bay, albeit equally distantly and it was seen from there near high tide.  Beware a drake Common Scoter just beyond the first gang of distant Eiders off the SJ, but not seen at Heysham
Eider - 680ish
Cetti's Warbler - contact calling in one of the usual locations near the Middleton 'fence pond'
Siskin - 5 off-passage by Knowlys road - feeder?  IOY
Reed Bunting - singing male Middleton
Water Rail - 1+
Goldcrest - one golf course edge
Coal Tit - golf course edge
Skylark - 1 N

Wildfowl as yesterday, including the two drake Pochard

No sign Green Woodpecker