Tuesday 6 August 2013

Bonaparte's Gull shows well

Weather: N, calm, 19C, bright
Heysham Obs
A trawl via gate 38 for about 30 mins saw some excellent views of the Bonaparte's Gull as it frequented the incoming tideline just south of Stage 2, then flew and landed on the mud off Red Nab.  It was very easy to pick out in 'flat light' with the darker grey mantle/folded wings and the head still retaining an obvious dark slate grey tone comprising the rear two-thirds of the crown, despite a considerable 'whitish face' (0920-0950 - then had to return to office).  3 Meds casually noted but most of short time available spent searching for/watching Bonaparte's.

Ringing by the office revealed a small passage of Whitethroat and Willow Warbler with 6 new Whitethroat fairly notable.

Moths revealed a horde of noctuids but very few weak fliers after yesterdays 'moth trashing' weather.  Sallow and Square Spot Rustic new for the year