Thursday, 23 September 2021

Not a lot, so far

The fresher wind continued from SW. overcast all day, but it remained dry.

South shore
Pete and Jean managed a quick check.
Mediterranean gull 4 adult near the wooden jetty including the green German ringed bird. Later 4 adult, 2 x 2nd calendar year and 1 x 1st calendar year on Red Nab.

Kevin Singleton took this shot of a Rock Pipit near
Half Moon Bay cafe 

Middleton Nature Reserve 
I just managed a quick check of the three eastern side ponds (MD)
Mute 2 adult plus 9 cygnets 
Mallard 9
Gadwall 25
Teal 11 
Little grebe 1
No sandpipers on the inviting looking shallows of Tim Butler Pond.
Some of the Gadwall were feeding

Female Teal, "quacking"...... told you it was a slow day!