Thursday 20 June 2019

Didn't see that coming!

This morning I checked out the most likely nesting areas in the vicinity of the displaying Rock pipit seen on saltmarsh on  June 14th. Not a sign.
I then walked along south wall to check for Mediterranean gulls, again nothing.
To my knowledge, there hasn't been a Rock pipit seen in harbour/outflows area since June 10th, despite almost daily visits. I had been at No1 outflow a few minutes, when two Rock pipits appeared, one begging for, and receiving food. I had just put my camera away and just managed to get it out in time for a hurried shot. Think it was the far bird begging. After that they flew into Power Station land near the reed bed, presumably where they had come from.

I suspect that the two "spare" birds, seen occasionally when the known breeding pair were feeding young, must have nested later, probably within the PS grounds. I really don't think any of the well watched pair's young survived. (MD)

Middleton Nature Reserve - afternoon
Gadwall 2 females with 7 & 6 young chicks.

Stock dove 2

No sign of any Darters today
Painted lady 3

Pete and Jean not back till late today. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.