Monday 11 January 2021

Not a lot, just a Little

The west winds strengthened overnight and were quite strong all day, although not gale force. Persistent rain for most of the morning with showers in the afternoon.

All I have is from my wet walk along the south sea wall to watch the lunchtime ferry arrive.
Wigeon 153 sheltering behind No.2 outflow
Some of the wigeon resting plus Black-headed gulls and Redshank shrimping 

It wasn't easy checking the gulls behind the ferry, the wind wasn't too bad, but driving rain made use of optics difficult. Still, I couldn't find anything of note, then just after the ferry entered the harbour an adult Little gull came from the direction of the buoys out from the north wall. It had either overshot or was just coming out of the bay. I followed it as far as the harbour mouth, but lost it when I switched from binoculars to my camera, but I think it must have entered the harbour. 

This Curlew was sheltering just below the sea wall, even though directly in the path of the wind, the sloping wall deflects it upwards, leaving a calm area at the base of the wall.

This Turnstone is feeding on something on No.1 outflow. I can't think what, the tide has just exposed it and you'd imagine that the rough waves would have purged it clean.