Friday 16 June 2023

Ringlets emerging in numbers

A light SE breeze till lunchtime then it switched to WNW. Sunshine all day again.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Janet checked early on. Good for no disturbance but a bit early for some insects.
Male Broad-bodied Chaser

This looks to be a Common Bluetail,
don't know why it has some colour in its wings (MD)
This Narrow-bordered five-spot Burnet hasn't got going yet!

Saltmarsh to Red Nab (MD)
Once again I watched the tide cover the shore out from the saltmarsh, gull numbers similar to yesterday, including:
Mediterranean gull 3 - the metal ringed adult and what looked to be the same two first summer birds as yesterday 
First summer Med centre, adult Med bottom left

They become more flighty when they "know" the tide will cover the beach

Curlew 70, most flying south. This group fly over some of the resting gulls including the adult Med, but there is no chance of spotting it at full speed.

This is a freeze frame from the above clip, fortunately Meds are very distinctive 
Only one of the Black-Headed gulls was a juvenile (top centre)
Lapwing 3
Goldfinch 2 adults feeding on the saltmarsh margins. 

Ringlet butterfly 5 in the Nature Park, but very flighty.

Heysham Nature Reserve 
At different times, Kevin Eaves, Janet and myself (MD), had a look, there were no sightings of the Dark Green Fritillary  The central meadow is very dry and there is very little of the usually lush clover etc.
Four-spotted Chaser by Kevin

Janet got this shot of Common Blue mating
Just one Ringlet here, but at least it was obliging