Monday 29 July 2019

Insects on the move again

From Andrew Cornell - Thanks
Red- Veined Darters - 3 on dog walk pond
Hummingbird Hawk Moth - 1 near weather station eastern end of nature park.
Painted Lady - 70+  around this area.

Red-veined Darter - 4 male western side of main pond at Middleton
Painted Lady - 38 between waterfall and roundhead.
                         140 Heysham NR transect (per SR)
Rock Pipit 1 - near lighthouse

Sunday bits

Mediterranean gulls - 4 on beach out from Ocean Edge salt marsh. At least 5 on Red Nab

Rock Pipit - 1 Red Nab

Sandwich Tern - at leat one (heard only) out from Sat marsh

Saturday Meds

Mediterranean gulls - 21 on beach between wooden jetty and No.1 outflow, 4 hr ebb