Saturday 16 March 2019

Cutting edge birding

Great effort by Malcolm this morning and pics to boot in a SW F9 and driving horizontal rain

Little Gull - 3 Ad outfalls in am, ad blogging off Knowlys road am.  At least 9 ad and one 2cy at 1540, with six plus at seaward end and four half way along hey two. There were still a minimum of 9 birds on or near outflows at 17:15.
Kittiwake - at least two adults and two 2CY around
Shag - presumably the usual elusive 3CY harbour mouth

Pale- bellied Brent geese - 10 on rocks near play area early on, then just 3 later. A flock of 25-27, presumed pb, flew past south wall roundhead 17:20. Either to Red Nab or Pott's Corner.