Thursday 5 May 2022

Confused Brent

WNW moving to WSW wind, an odd shower in the morning, but some sunshine in the afternoon.

Pete and Kevin managed a seawatch - report from Pete:
Not much on the sea Heysham 1050-1200 but did include a bizarre Dark bellied Brent goose ‘chasing’ a Cormorant across from Barrow side 
5 Common scoter 
1 Gannet 
Harbour Porpoise

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Janet had a nice walk around the east side. 
Common Sandpiper on the main pond (it's worth opening these images to appreciate the plumage detail)

Common Sandpiper

Common Whitethroat 


Sedge Warbler 

South shore mid afternoon (MD. KE)
Common Whitethroat singing from saltmarsh scrub, presumably the bird that landed here yesterday 
Wheatear 9
Rock Pipit 4 - only individual birds seen - saltmarsh, Red Nab, Waterfall and Lighthouse (not the ringed bird)
Linnet 8 on saltmarsh/foreshore plus 6 between lighthouse and waterfall 
Shag 1 2nd calendar year on wooden jetty 

Finally Kevin managed to spot this tiny beetle. 

Bordered Tortoise Beetle .. Cassida vittata

They're a coastal speciality and aren't very common!

Originally found on the wave shaped wall that catches the heat from the sun. Found, photographed and provisionally identified by Kevin. Thanks to Alison for confirmation of identity. I played a part.......that's my thumb it's sticking out on!