Monday 26 June 2017

Willow warblers and ringlets

Unusually high June number of 20 unringed willow warblers this morning with a mix of moulting adults and surprisingly advanced juveniles - almost like a catch in late July.   Other birds included a few unringed adult sedge warbler and two young grasshopper warbler

Med gull - 6 ads, 2 3cy, 2 2cy

Heysham skeer
Two adult common or Arctic tern early am

Middleton boat pond
Red veined darter - one tatty male
Sand martin - 1 ad
House martin - 4 ad
Swift - 3
Little grebe - ad catching small crayfish

Butterfly transect HNR
Ringlet have arrived at last (two in ne corner).  One burnet companion still and both burnet moths in low single figures.   Also about half a dozen small skipper