Friday 24 November 2017

More wet Middleton in pics

North wall incoming tide
Shag - 1CY flew on to wooden jetty and soon shuffled completely out of sight amongst the Cormorants!
Med Gull - pres Czech ad Fishers roof
Middleton (MD)
Had a walk around MNR this morning. Very little to report, except for the very high water table. The "no swimming" pond is now half way up the trees and much too deep for the mute to feed. The two adults have moved to the model boat pond and have displaced the resident pair to the periphery. Just the two cygnets, one Gadwall and a couple of Moorhens remain on the "no swimming" pond.
No sign of Tufted today. But plenty of Teal on Tim Butler (at least 40).
Water Rail calling from western marsh
All the low lying ground is covered with water. The attached images are "no swimming" pond, central marsh and western marsh.

A large LTT flock was feeding in willows above the water on western marsh. But no other tits or other birds with them.