Sunday 12 July 2020

Sunshine brings out the insects

Still a coolish westerly breeze, but feeling very warm in the sunshine.

Middleton Nature Reserve early to late morning (JR, AD, PM, MD)
Unfortunately the early sunshine, so welcomed by the early morning walkers, wasn’t ideal for ringing. Still, not a bad selection:

A total of 42 birds were captured including a respectable number of warblers. These included:

Cettis Warbler - 4 (3 juv + 1 adult)

Whitethroat - 11 (9 juv + 2adult)

Chiffchaff - 1 adult

Reed Warbler - 2 adult

Blackcap - 1 adult

Willow Warbler - 4 (1 juv + 3 adult)

Sedge Warbler - 4 juv

Lesser Whitethroat - 1 adult

Lunar Hornet Clearwing Moth - at least two
This picture by Alan showing one of the moths, and the object of its desires - Pete’s pheromone lure

The warmer last couple of days has resulted in an increase in dragonfly activity.
Emperor 6
Common Darter 5 (f/teneral)
Black-Tailed Skimmer 2
Broad-bodied Chaser 1
Brown Hawker 2
Southern Hawker - at least one

First record this year

Heysham Nature Reserve early afternoon (KE)
Plenty of insect activity, including this ovipositing Emperor 

Outflows mid afternoon - flooding tide (MD)
Only one Tern seen - adult Common
Grey seal having a nap.