Thursday 28 December 2023

Brents toing and froing

Very heavy overnight rain eased to heavy showers during the day. Driven by a strong SW wind

South shore (JP, MD)
Pale Bellied Brent goose 21 at least, but they were difficult keeping track of.
I saw this group of 15 heading towards Red Nab
Janet was nearer Red Nab and she saw the 15 and another group of 6 arrive.
Not easy to count, but there are 15 here, there are 4 in the leading group

This is the second group, 2 adult with at least 2 of the others first winter 
Janet also saw a group of 12 flying west away from Red Nab. Which should leave 9, but there were still 15 on Red Nab before the tide moved them on.

Brent geese and Oystercatchers on Red Nab

Shelduck 4 south

Wigeon c150
Wigeon coming in to land at Red Nab

Rock Pipit at least 1
Peregrine Falcon 1
Peregrine Falcom zipping past Red Nab

This dead Harbour Porpoise was being washed in by the tide, it will end
up on Red Nab. The body looked fresh, but the scarring seemed old.
Possibly not the direct cause of death.

Bullfinch 4 near the white barrier in the Nature Park

North shore (HS)
A couple of nice shots from Howard today 
Colour coded Knot 
Ringed at Porsanger Norway 21/05/19. It has subsequently been seen at Heysham in February 2020, then the Netherlands September 2020, before returning to Heysham December 2020. Last seen back in Norway May 2021 before Howard's sighting today.

This Knot has a cockle clamped to its toe. It will hurt!
It's unlikely the cockle will relax its grip until it is under water or in wet mud.