Tuesday 10 July 2012

Twitchable Chamomile Shark larva headlines a good insect day

Heysham Obs
First of all here are the excellent pics from last Saturday of male Red-veined Darter taken at Middleton by Sandra and John on what was a really inspired date-choice for an organised Dragonfly event!  How many others have successfully gone ahead in this country this summer? .

This Chamomile Shark larva was first seen yesterday along the road by Middleton NR and was still there today.  Thanks Janet

Hut trap
Excellent, although too time-consuming in relation to work!  Stand-outs for here amongst the 50 species of macro were V-Moth, Miller and Bordered Sallow with new for the year being Antler, Double Square Spot, Lesser Yellow Underwing.  A different Eyed Hawk-moth was a surprise this late and others of interest included Eucosma campoliliana, Diamond Back Moth, 4 Silver Y and a few as yet unidentified micros.  Just to remind people, this trap comprises a blended 160 watt dangling from the ceiling of a 'spare' toilet with 'prison bars' over an otherwise open window, egg packing over the floor and the toilet lid 'sealed'.  It is operated 24/7 and is especially successful during westerly sector winds and useless during easterly winds of any strength (window faces east and moths like to fly into the wind).

Outfalls/Red Nab/Ocean Edge
Late afternoon whistle stop saw:
Med Gull - 4 adults (2 off Ocean Edge saltmarsh/2 on Red Nab),  at least 2 2CY on Red Nab
Kittiwake - 2CY Red Nab
No migrant waders along the tideline at Ocean Edge