Monday, 22 February 2010

Low tide fare from the north wall

Heysham Obs
As has been published many times, but unfortunately not reciprocated by e.g. RSPB tidal advice at Leighton, LOW tide is often better than high tide off Heysham north wall and Morecambe Stone Jetty, especially in calm & clear conditions

North wall low tide
Purple Sandpiper - TWO together feeding on the skeer at the inner end of the wooden jetty with t least 26 Turnstone
Med Gull - one adult (these are easier at high tide!)
Red-throated Diver - two offshore
Eider - 50 offshore
Twite - 38 at the feeder

Ringing by the office
Stunningly unremarkable with an easterly wind soon curtailing the effort which was highlighted by an unringed Blue Tit which escaped before it was ringed and an unringed Great Tit which didnt.

Yesterday: At least two, probably three Tundra Bean Geese within our area in north Fylde - see LDBWS site