Monday 21 March 2022

Garganey passing through and first Redpolls ringed

Almost breathless till about 10:30 when a gentle SSE breeze started. Plenty of sunshine in the morning, but more overcast after lunch.

Garganey 3 (2 males and a female) 11:00 out from Heysham on the incoming tide - thanks to the observer who provided this record via bird services.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Ringing report from Alan:

John and I set nets at Middleton this morning from about 05.45 (it was cold!). A modest catch was not unexpected but we did catch the first Lesser Redpolls of the season.

Lesser Redpoll - 6 plus 1 ringed elsewhere.

Meadow Pipit - 1

Pied Wagtail - 1

Wren - 1 retrap

Blackbird - 1

Song Thrush - 1

Chiffchaff - 2

Great Tit - 2

Bullfinch - 2

Reed Bunting - 1 retrap.

The sky was clear and the sun bright to the east (the direction the birds would be coming from) so any birds overhead were high and hard to hear. Approximately 20 Meadow Pipits showed some interest in the MP3 player and 3 Carrion Crows flew purposefully north. The only Repolls seen were those captured, plus 3 others at 06.10 hr.

Janet checked the main ponds in the morning - it was very noisy again, but today it was the wildlife making the noise:

This Greylag goose was honking constantly 

The Little Grebes were trilling 

These Coot added to the ruckus 

This pair of Teal moved on

This Sparrowhawk was on Heysham Nature Reserve earlier

Red Nab - saltmarsh area on rising tide. (MD)
Pale-bellied Brent goose 26 - again these birds drifted off from Red Nab when displaced by the tide.
Shelduck 23
Wigeon 32
Curlew c50 along incoming tide line
Grey Plover 2 as above
Rock Pipit 4
Wheatear 2 possibly 3. A mature male was seen in two locations, possibly same bird, plus this less mature looking male.
Male Wheatear not in full breeding plumage 
Probably a 2nd calendar year 
Small Tortoiseshell 6
Comma 1