Sunday, 5 May 2019

Common Scoters and Grey Seals top the bill

Another mediocre May morning at peak migration time although an earlier seawatching start should have added Arctic Skua and Tern to the mix (per Rossall)

Sea 0750-0930
Common Scoter - c106 in several flocks of up to 30
Red-throated Diver - 3+3 in very high, one out - all sp
Kittiwake - at least one of c20 in a tight distant bunch floating in on the sea was this species courtesy of wing flap (sometimes Common Gulls are mixed in Kitt flocks). 
Common Sandpiper - one flew across the harbour mouth (IOY)
Knot - 200 in summer plumage flew out, c500 very distantly heading north
Wheatear - two
Whimbrel - one OE saltmarsh
Rock Pipit - male on guard near the nest
NO eg hirundine passage

Grey Seal - record count of an absolute minimum of four, probably five floating in with the tide and perhaps none of these the usual loitering one which stays by the outfalls

One male Muslin Moth in trap