Friday 15 July 2022

Mainly Meds

West to WNW fresh wind, overcast with a few showers for most of the day, but the sun broke through early evening 

South Shore
Pete managed a brief check:
Mediterranean gullAt least 54 Red nab/Heysham outfalls in quick scope sweep from Ocean edge foreshore - could have missed some eg 2cy (5 juvs)

I just had a walk along the sea wall early evening. Not so many Meds around but this juvenile was feeding on No.2 outflow.

Juvenile Mediterranean gull

Juvenile Black-Headed gull

The wall was noisy today, a number of the large gull young are now fledged. Adults were defending them from all intruders (me and a Peregrine). Plus many youngsters begging to be fed. 
Newly fledged Lesser Black-Backed gull walking along the sea wall

In contrast, the lighthouse Rock Pipit was waiting for something (anything!) to beg. She offered me a nice selection of beetles.
Rock Pipit missing feeding the chicks which now seem to have moved on with Mum
There were two more Rock Pipits on Red Nab and one of those flew into the Power Station grounds with a bill full of food, so perhaps they have a second brood too.

Little Egret 3
Redshank 25 in one flock
Curlew seemed to be in constant passage north, as were the Oystercatchers

Shag a 2nd calendar year flew into the harbour and started feeding. It didn't bother with the waterfall, even though the gulls there were catching Sandeels. It dived a couple of times near the platforms before moving around in front of new customs building, and out of sight.

2nd calendar year Shag