Tuesday 15 August 2023

Well.......at least it was dry!

Dry with some sunshine and a light west wind.

South shore
I had a look towards high water (MD)
Sandwich Tern 36 on the beach, all but one flew south early in the rising tide.
Sandwich Terns and Black-Headed Gulls

Mediterranean gull 1 adult - just the metal ringed adult on Red Nab

Little Egret 8 they were feeding in two groups, high up the channels as the tide was reaching them. The returning water prompts the invertebrates (likely shrimps in this case) to come out from the mud where they buried themselves on the ebb tide.

Oystercatcher c500
Curlew c250
Bar-Tailed Godwit 4
Bar-Tailed Godwit and Oystercatcher 
Ringed Plover 3
Redshank 60 on Red Nab
Dunlin 1 on Red Nab

Wheatear 1
Rock Pipit 1

Pete Crooks also checked, these are his additional sightings 

Red Nab (incoming tide)
2 Mediterranean Gull – 1 adult, 1 juvenile
1 Harbour Porpoise – distant, off outfalls / wooden pier 

Ocean Edge (late incoming tide)
3 Grey Plover

Heysham Wooden Pier (high tide)
75 Cormorant – including 1 with a left leg red darvic ring, but too distant to read code
35 Turnstone

Janet had a walk along the wall a little later.
This is the same metal ringed adult Mediterranean gull that was on Red Nab earlier.
It was the only adult Med seen today.

20+ Dunlin coming in to land.......
.........and rest on the sloping sea wall

Oystercatcher and a Redshank 


Starlings in the Harbour