Sunday 18 May 2014

Common Tern at last

Heysham Obs
The early morning migrant coverage has been awful so far this month - just the way it goes with observer availability and there really has been no incentive at all for any seawatching.

There is some really tasty weather coming up this week - perhaps more likely to produce a rare wader somewhere where they wont be chased off by Avocets, or hirundine/tern over an inland water, but also the possibility of a decent passerine. 

North wall 0645-0730
Common Tern - one on the seaward end of Heysham one for 5 minutes or so
Med Gull - black-headed 2CY as above but only for two feeding 'sweeps'
Gannet - adult out
Swallow - 17 in
House Martin - 4 in

Middleton NR
Wall Brown butterfly

Heysham NR
Elephant Hawk-moth

17th May

Heysham Obs
A near-miss with a Red Kite and a Shaded Pug in the moth trap

The Mute Swans have waddled across to the model boat pond and the cygnets have had their first taste of (albeit quality) bread - apparently apple and beetroot infused!

Other Middleton sightings included a Grey Pug and singing Skylark