Saturday 3 October 2015

Another Yellow-browed Warbler morning

Heysham obs
A single call from the top path Heysham NR at 0725 remained unconfirmed with no 'spare' observers (from mist net duties) to follow it up.  A definite was caught and ringed Middleton NR at 0850 (see below) which then promptly disappeared.  However, a calling bird, seemingly in rapid transit, was heard by the two ringers at 1130hrs.  Different? - who knows, as it could not be seen


Grounded migrants Heysham/Middleton
Spotted Flycatcher - one showing well by Red Nab bushes
Yellow-browed Warbler - see above, only one confirmed individual
Goldcrest - c15
Chiffchaff - 8-10
Blackcap - at least 8 Middleton, only 3 seen HNR and area
Blackbird - one behaving like a continental migrant headed off high to SW
Song Thrush - one arrived from height and landed in some scrub HNR
As has been the case most of this week, despite plenty of Robin activity just after dawn no evidence of newly arrived migrants

Vis mig
Very hit and miss in the patchy fog
Jay - 1 S
Meadow Pipit - 89 SE
alba Wagtail - 10 SE
Grey Wagtail - 1 SEChaffinch - 6 S
Skylark - 1 SE
Siskin - heard x 3
Mistle Thrush - 4 high flyers - eventually SE
Jackdaw - 1 SW
Pink-footed Goose - large flock heard + 23 S
Long-tailed Tit - fairly excitable flock of 15 S mid-pm

Ringing Middleton/Heysham
Most of Chiffchaff Heysham, most of Blackcaps Middleton!
Blackcap (9), Chiffchaff (5), Yellow-browed Warbler (1), Goldcrest (8), Blue Tit (1), Meadow Pipit (3), Lesser Redpoll (1), Blackbird (2)

The bad news today was the perhaps inevitable, given the number of sightings and animals obviously using the mist net access paths, first 'trashing' of a superfine net by what must have been a Roe Deer

memo: male Black Darter photographed in the Nature Park two days ago - need to document (thanks Janice)

At least 15 Red Admiral and two Painted Lady flying south today