Tuesday 30 June 2020

Still a few bits of interest about

The wind quickly eased to almost nothing, mainly overcast with just a few light showers.

Harbour and outfalls:  0500-0730. (SC)
Little Gull  1 adult
Mediterranean Gull 1 adult
Kittiwake 6 adult + 1 2nd cy.
Sandwich Tern 4
Common Tern 2.
Gannet 2.
Fulmar 1.

South wall and Harbour (MD)
late morning:
Kittiwake - Still 3 adult and 1 2nd calendar year

2cy bird

Rock pipits
1 adult with 2 juveniles on Red Nab - these are not the lighthouse nesting birds.
1 adult each Ocean Edge foreshore and lighthouse area.
One of the juvenile Rock pipits

Early evening
Kittiwake still 1 adult
Mediterranean gull - some roosting with BHGs on Red Nab others in small groups on the mud.
Minimum numbers. Adult 6, 3cy 4, 2cy 2. Earlier, Kevin saw two adult feeding on beach next to wooden jetty - this is good news as this area has previously been their favoured feeding area.
3cy + 2cy on left another 2cy right

Rock pipits - adult with 2 juveniles still on Red Nab. The lone bird near lighthouse was seen taking food to the nest. Presumably feeding the female.
Rock pipit taking food to nest hole in the wall.

Kevin located this Yellow-tail moth caterpillar on his daily circuit
 Not particularly uncommon, but probably a first for this square SD35Z