Tuesday 21 February 2017

Canada 2 - Pochard 1

Middleton Nature Reserve (late am)
Two Canada Geese this morning again on model boat pond and again flew off (without any obvious disturbance) in SE direction. Only one male Pochard today, presumably the long staying bird from 2016.

6 Mute
2 Canada Geese
3 Moorhen
11 Gadwall
7 Mallard
1 Pochard
7 Tufted Duck
1 Water Rail
3 Meadow pipit (one displaying)

A couple of images below from model boat pond. Not to Janet's excellent standard, but they do show a reasonable selection of ducks etc.

20th Feb. Glodcrest

Checked out Middleton Nature Reserve again this morning, trying to relocate colour ringed Grey Wagtail. No luck.
The wildfowl status was as per yesterday, but no Canada Goose.

At least one Goldcrest with mixed tit flock on western boundary with golf course.

Czech-ringed Med Gull north harbour wall today (perhaps last sighting?)  (JM)

19th Feb. Canada 1 - Pochard 2

Middleton Nature Reserve (late am)
The four immature mute have now departed. Leaving three adult pairs.
1 Canada Goose (model boat pond then flew to SE)
2 Pochard (male)
9 Gadwall
4 Tufted Duck
7 Mallard
2 Teal

Colour ringed Grey Wagtail was to west of Tim Butler pond. Could only manage a few glimpses of rings and failed to confirm the colour bof top ring on right leg. Peter has "details"