Saturday 7 October 2023

Little Gulls and Terns linger, and very late Burnet moth!

A light SW wind. Overcast for most of the day but quite balmy.

South shore:
Pete made an early morning quick check of the flying stuff on Heysham outfalls from Ocean edge:
Little gull 3  - 1 adult & 2 x 1cy 
Common Tern 4 

Shaun checked late afternoon:
Heysham Outfalls 15:15-16:30. 
Skua sp out of bay at 16:05. Strong, purposeful flight + looked quite largish (Juv Pom?). 
Little Gull 8 - 1cy on No.1 and 2 adults and 3 1cy on No.2, plus 2 1cy behind Seatruck. 
Mediterranean Gull 27 - 3 Outfalls and 24 behind Seatruck. All adult types. 
Kittiwakes 3 adult
Guillemot along seawall between Outfalls. 
Visiting birders had seen a Black Tern on the Outfalls before I arrived.

I checked the shore out from the saltmarsh early evening (MD) It was still overcast but the sun was making a valiant effort to break through, producing an interesting light.
This evening's unusual light

Shelduck 120
Little Egret 7 feeding together as the tide rose up the shallow drains.

Peregrine Falcon 1 - probably why all the small waders were way to the south beyond the recording area. The only ones close in were:
Curlew 160
Oystercatcher 300
Redshank 120

All the gulls were scattered on the mud. There were at least 10 Mediterranean but most were sat down.
Three adult Mediterranean gulls, looking sultry in the odd light

It was a very pleasant evening, I don't know if it was the weather or the time of day, but many of the birds had decided that it was time for a bath. First up an adult Mediterranean gull and an Oystercatcher 

Then Redshank

This Black-Headed gull was on a spin cycle

These Linnet and a Greenfinch were on Ocean Edge grass earlier, when the light was brighter.

Unprecedentedly late and fresh looking Six-spot Burnet on Middleton Nature Reserve
By Janet. Also, 1 Migrant Hawker and several Common Darter