Wednesday 22 May 2024


It rained all day, becoming heavier in the afternoon as the NW wind freshened.

Fortunately Pete managed a 30 minute check towards high water.
Manx Shearwater flock of 3 out
No Knot roosting on the heliport.

Middleton Nature Reserve (Malcolm)
Just a quick evening check of the two main ponds, in what was probably the heaviest rain of the day!
Mute 2 nesting on the "no swimming" pond. Hopefully today's and the forecast rain to come will not raise the water level and swamp the nest again!
Nothing else on the "no swimming" pond.

Main pond
Coot 1 
Mallard 6 (1 female)
Gadwall 1 male
Gadwall (and rain)

Shelduck pair over to east
Reed Bunting 1 seen
The only birds singing were
Cetti's warbler 1
Blackbirds 2

This female Large White was along the foreshore yesterday 

This shot from Janet - also from yesterday. One of many Burnet
moth cocoons towards the eastern boundary of the recording area.

These shots are outside the area, but too nice not to share (I've been saving them for a rainy day - Malcolm)
I escorted a field trip to the stone jetty last Tuesday. This male Holly Blue came in off and landed on the finger of one of the group - pictures by Amber Woods.