Thursday 9 April 2020

Sedge warbler singing

 Another warm sunny day, relatively calm early on but east breeze increased late morning.

Swallows - first one seen through Heysham 07:00, numbers increased during morning. A total of at least 18 seen/reported by 12:00.
Thanks for picture Janet

Heysham Nature Reserve
Willow Warbler, Chiichaff and Blackcap singing.
Water Rail calling
Speckled wood butterfly- in wooded area near Red Nab. Janet had one on HNR 6/4
Thanks Kevin

Red Nab area
Wheatear 1
Rock pipit 1

Middleton Nature Reserve
Covered by three observers taking their exercise here (Shaun, Janet and Malcolm), fortunately spread from early to late morning.
Early on there were just Willow Warbler, Chiichaff and Blackcap singing.
One of Willow Warbler singing - thanks Janet

By mid morning at least one Cetti's warbler was also singing. By 11:45 there were 5:
Western marsh
Central marsh - fence pond
Central marsh - north side, near brick building
No swimming pond
Tim Butler pond

Also by 11:45 there was a Sedge warbler singing at "no swimming" pond. This area was checked by both earlier observers.

Buzzard 1 blogging on eastern boundary
Kestrel 1 very high west

Gadwall 2 pairs
Tufted 1 pair
Coot 2