Thursday 12 July 2012

Definitely two sporadically active Red-veined Darter in marginal temperatures

Heysham Obs

Dragonflies on model boat pond
Thanks to Michael Foley, Janet and Phil from Hampshire for confirming two individuals were present - one in the SE corner and one along the spit - neither particularly active and absent for long periods in the rather low temperatures for this species

Thanks to Michael Foley for the top pic of one individual and Janet for the bottom two of the second individual

Black-tailed Skimmer - c6 males, 3 females
Emperor - ovipositing female
4-spotted Chaser - 2-3
Common Blue Damselfly - 200+

Now the tide is coming round to a 'sensible' time of day before the heat-haze gets going, a check was made of waders and gulls on the back end of the 'low' high tide

Red Nab/outfalls/Ocean Edge
Curlew - 230, split between Red Nab and along the shore south of Ocean Edge
Redshank - 47 - Red Nab
Oystercatcher - 220, mainly Red Nab
Med Gull - 5 adult, 3 2CY, one 3CY, possibly more 2CY as hard to see all birds on Red Nab
Black-headed Gull - 370
Kittiwake - 2CY
Common Gull 15
Shelduck - 12 - way to the south of OE

Ringing by the office
More variety than quantity with little on the feeders today
A young Whitethroat at Middleton - sadly not many of these around this year.  Thanks Janet

Better than expected after a cool night but nothing above the adrenalin level of late Turnip moth and another Ebulea crocealis

Reasonable numbers of Meadow Brown on the wing at the moment.  Thanks Janet

This should be Wednesday!

Heysham Obs
A bit cool and windy for dragonflies today, despite the requisite sunlight and as far as I am aware, sightings on the model boat pond limited to female Emperor, a few teneral Common Darter and 2-3 Black-tailed Skimmer

Please keep any dogs away from this pond whilst searching for dragonflies (Mute Swan pair and 8 young)

The local Ebulea crocealis was the only scarcity in a much reduced catch this morning

No check of the outfalls as far as I am aware.  Thanks to Janet for these excellent hirundine pics from the model boat pond: