Sunday 2 June 2024

Still good stuff passing through

A freshening NW wind. Mainly sunny.

Sea off Heysham - Mark Prestwood
a late flock of 7 Arctic tern
one dark morph Arctic skua
12 common scoter 
1 Gannet

I had a walk along the south sea wall mid morning (Malcolm)
Rock Pipits 4 - 1 along sea wall and at least 3 between lighthouse and waterfall.
Rock Pipit on the wooden structure near the lighthouse 

This clip begins on the pipit, then pans out to show the wall full of holes where they normally nest. They probably still are.

This Rock Pipit, near the waterfall, already has a bill full of food, but keeps hunting, partly as they don't like to fly to the nest when they know they are being watched.
It flew off into the Power Station at the end of the above clip, but shortly after it was stood above the harbour wall near the waterfall with the same bill full of food.

This Herring Gull was just hanging on the wind and having a preen

This Cormorant makes short work of a small Bass on No.1 outflow.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Janet is hampered with a cracked rib at the moment and is unable to carry her large lens. She still managed some nice shots though.
Common Blues - both the damselfly and the butterfly

Small Heath

Burnet Companion - a nice underside view


I had a walk around just after lunch (Malcolm)
Wildfowl, warblers and Dragonflies species as yesterday (although no Common Darters seen today)
Spotted Flycatcher 1 along the east side of the golf course. But very elusive, I only saw it briefly on two different perches 100m apart. Fortunately with a half decent line of sight for one of them.
Spotted Flycatcher 

There are some nice stands of Ragged Robin in the meadows