Friday, 13 August 2010

Unexpected moth mayhem & earlyish Whinchat

Heysham Obs
An early start to see if there were any migrants/bit of ringing was thwarted by a wind & rain very much in the north, or slightly east of north - a 'blow on to the brambles' direction for the office mist nets, even when relatively light.  Therefore plan B was an early 'routine' check of the moth trap - surely not many with the wind slightly into the window - and a rather too rapid opening of the door was greeted by a mass flight, largely Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and assorted grass moths.  Just under two hours later, the catch was logged and released!

Moth trap
Highlights were Toadflax Pug (unfortunately escaped - sorry Brian), Agriphila latistria, Ancylis badiana, Pale Mottled Willow (scarce here), the first Treble Bar & Eudonia angustea of the autumn, Slender & Golden-rod Pugs, Grass Emerald (late worn specimen), Barred Rivulet, Bordered Beauty, Mirificarma mulinella and a Nutmeg.  Cochylis atricapitana and Cochylis dubitana could be compared side by side.  That bane of late evening mist-netting, a Dor Beetle, was an unusual visitor.

Birds by the office
At least four 'ticking' Robins, the first multiple numbers of the autumn, c5 Willow Warbler, 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Whitethroat & Lesser Whitethroat.

Coastal stuff
Med Gull - juv seaward end Heysham one, adult winter Red Nab/Ocean Edge, two adult winter heliport roost
Little Gull - ad on mud by Heysham 2 outfall, then unusually in the heliport roost
Wheatear - 2 Ocean Edge foreshore, 3 heliport
Whinchat - one heliport

Vis mig
Swift - one south
Meadow Pipit - one south