Friday 22 March 2013

A winter's day in spring

Snow in the air but not on the ground at Heysham this morning. 

North Harbour Wall
The strong easterly wind had caused a few drifts of nyger seed in the gully between Centrica and the sandplant so the 67 Twite were a little bit spread out.  One Twite sported a racing red ring, presumably one of the Machrahanish birds.  Only one unringed bird seen.  Robin and 2 Linnets.

Ocean Edge
The new interpretation boards have gone up.  They look pretty smart! 

Middleton Nature Reserve - model boat pond
A female Lapwing was back on the spit.

Other species on and around the pond:
Oystercatcher 1
Magpie 2
Carrion Crow 6
Jackdaw 2
Moorhen 1
Coot 1
Mute Swan - Mum, Dad and the 2 kids as usual.
Tufted Duck - 2 pairs and a spare male
Gadwall - 2 pairs
Goldeneye - female
Black-headed Gull 52
Lesser Black-backed Gull 10
Herring Gull 3