Saturday 25 April 2020

Back to more subtle observations

Very light east breeze early on. Sunny till mid afternoon.

The seabird pasage is still on hold for the time being.

Low water (08:00)  tide line out from Half Moon Bay
Sandwich tern just 4 in
Whimbrel, none seen moving but a total of 9 located feeding
These five 2nd calendar year Mute Swans flew in from SE and settled on the north side of skeer.

Unlike a Sandwich Tern, a Little Egret's feeding method is dainty- although I doubt the prey appreciate it! (MD)

Middleton Nature Reserve - early evening
Just a quick visit to check out reports of  "none lockdown" activities reported on Facebook. Fortunately when I got there at 17:00 the place was deserted and clean and tidy. Let's hope it stay that way (clean and tidy, not deserted).
All the warblers except for Grasshopper heard
Common Snipe 1
Stock dove 1

This is an unusual viewing angle for a Grey Heron. I'm glad it didn't live up to its local nickname!