Thursday, 30 April 2020

Almost beaten by the weather

This morning started bright and sunny with a SE wind. By mid morning the wind had strengthened and was driving rain showers. Then at lunchtime a severe thunderstorm with heavy hail seemed to stop the wind for a while. After that we were back to light SE wind with sunny spells and showers.

Shoreline out from Half Moon Bay - mid morning
Mute Swan - 4 resting on mud in front of the north wall, later seen flying south.
Whimbrel one flock of 17 quite high to NW
Sanderling 1 in summer plumage feeding on water line - unfortunately it was pouring down and couldn't manage a decent picture.

This is conger rock, far and away the largest rock on the skeer, making it an important "landmark". On these neap tides, it is only just exposed, making it a handy resting place for these young cormorants.

On the way back, the sun came out briefly, allowing good views of four Rock Pipits around the middle slipway to Half Moon Bay field. A further check is required to determine the status of these (MD)

Mediterranean gull 1 2nd calendar year on mudflats by No.2 outflow on south wall

Sandwich Tern 2 in shipping channel