Tuesday 19 December 2023

Mainly mammals

A dry and mainly sunny day after a shower at first light. The west wind continued to freshen throughout the day.

This male Kestrel was hovering over the horse paddocks at Knowlys Rd, at times level with Janet, allowing these excellent shots.

Male Kestrel

Pale-bellied Brent geese 17 - a check from Whinnysty Lane at low water saw them in the SE corner of the skear. I've not managed to get down there for a while, but it is likely that the only available weed there at the moment is broken weed along the waterline.
A check from Knowlys Rd a couple of hours later saw none, and none were on Red Nab in a quick afternoon check. They may have turned up later.

Imperial Rd (MD)
I always find it interesting just how much wildlife can be seen here in a small area of land surrounded by a bypass, a large substation and a recycling plant.
This clip is actually on the east side of the road. The fox headed for a rift in the field. I presume it was after a drink. Note how clean its bib is here.

When it emerges, it is liking its lips and its bib looks wet.

Roe Deer 3 a female with two youngsters a male and a female. These were on the west side of the road. This is the adult female, she crosses from the wetland where they had been feeding and ended up right beside the bypass. Note how she, and her youngsters later move quickly over the open ground.

She was followed by the young deer. At this time of year, the females have a white tuft on their rumps that looks like a tail.

This is the young female feeding, next to the bypass.

Also right next to the bypass, a flock of 8 Long-Tailed tits