Saturday 11 July 2020

2cy Arctic lingers

Coolish westerlies mainly dry with sunny spells

South wall - tide flooding - early afternoon (MD)
Mediterranean gull - lots of gulls on far side of Red Nab, but could only make out 2 adult Meds.

No.2 outflow 2 hours before high water
Common Tern 1 adult
Arctic Tern - the 2nd calendar year bird, photographed yesterday, was present again today and has now been confirmed as the 2cy Arctic. This bird was first spotted by Pete on Thursday. It seemed to be finding plenty to eat today, so hopefully, might hang around a while (almost certainly a kiss of death, it’s probably 50 miles away as I type!)

The Common tern with the Arctic

Some of the details of the 2cy Arctic 

Middleton Nature Reserve late evening (PM)
Little owl -  junction of ind estate and sewage works road Middleton NR - first record for many years!

A rather odd Willow Warbler emargination to P5, no wingbars!!