Sunday 29 August 2021

Afternoon Wheatears

NE to NNE breeze all day, mainly sunny but some overcast spells.

Heysham skear - low water 10:45
Great Crested Grebe 5
No Eider seen
Little Egret 8
Mediterranean gull 1 adult, again occupying a small island on the north side of the skear.
Curlew c40
Whimbrel 1 at least
Oystercatcher c1,000
Redshank c100
Turnstone c40
Ringed Plover c20

Juvenile Ringed Plover (both pictures)

South Shore 
A walk along the sea wall mid afternoon located nothing on the way out, but on the return this Wheatear was feeding on small insects on the wall, allowing some close views.

Northern Wheatear 

I hadn't checked the foreshore on the way out, as it was very busy with holidaymakers, but did check on the way back and was surprised to find:
Wheatear 9 (4 + 5) so 10 in total and the one on the wall, at least, had just arrived from somewhere.
Rock Pipits 2 on Red Nab.

The object of the walk was to see if today's NE breeze and sun had brought any insects in off the sea. There was nothing around the lighthouse area. A couple of Small White in off along the sea wall and around Red Nab.
Interestingly, but not obviously why, the demographic of the butterflies around the Buddleia was completely different today. The only large butterfly was a single Painted Lady (no Red Admiral, Peacock, Large White, Comma, Meadow Brown or Small Tortoiseshell). All that remained were:
Small White 5
Speckled Wood several
Common Blue 2
Female Common Blue looking quite faded.
This picture is actually one from here yesterday
Dragonflies near small anemometer 
Common Darter 4
Migrant Hawker 1
Hawker sp 1 (pretty sure it was a Southern, but it wouldn't settle in view)

Pete managed a check of Red Nab towards high water. Not easy, many of the birds had already been flushed to the western edge, by holidaymakers. Further complicated by two Peregrine flying around and a drone being flown, spooking the waders (drones are becoming an increasing problem (MD)). 
Mediterranean gulls 5 adult 2 juvenile