Saturday 28 August 2021

Plenty of balloons!

Almost no wind early on, what air movement there was from the NE, by the afternoon it had moved to WSW and freshened. Mainly sunny.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Early morning Vis/audio report from Jean:

Nothing much to report today. 

7 Grey Wagtails flew over in 2 hours. 

Green Woodpecker heard again. That was it!

Pete also managed 

Garden warbler 2 together

Teal 3 in flight

Janet paid a quick visit

Painted Lady, one of many butterflies on the Buddleia 

Male Brown Hawker

South Shore
At 09:30 near the small anemometer, there were two Chiffchaff singing, none recently. Plus two Robin singing (normally one maximum) and this one, between the two sining birds, making the most pathetic call I've ever heard from an adult (looking) Robin (MD). The guest appearance of butterflies are Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral.

Towards lunchtime Kevin located this Red-legged Shieldbug.. or Forest Bug ..halfway along the sea wall

Red-Legged Shieldbug

A check of the lighthouse area in the evening
Mediterranean gulls - there were 2 adult/3rd calendar year and 2 juvenile on the sea out from the harbour, presumably the same 2 + 2 that came to the beach as it became exposed. This is one of the juvenile meds coming into the beach just before the mud was showing. It had a swim around with the impatient Oystercatchers.
Rock Pipit 1 - on the sea wall
Whimbrel 2 - high and vocal to the south

The light was fading when I was leaving and the birds were heading to their roosts
Pied Wagtail 40+ into the Power Station
Starlings c1,500 to the wooden jetty although some were making the most of the last of the sun. This small groups was moving along the sea wall like locusts.

Finally, there were several hot air balloons drifting over the south lakes. It occurred to me that they are the airborne equivalent of jellyfish, in that all they can only control movement up and down in the atmosphere. Although, unlike jellyfish, they can decided when and where to start from. I doubt they would have started from there in a strong east wind. Unfortunately, it was quite hazy in the distance so the best I can say about this shot is that "it is enigmatic" (rubbish really! MD).
Oystercatchers making their way to the skear,
with 2 of 5, at that time, hot air balloons drifting over the South Lakes